Boiler-Smart have a dedicated team to help you with all your gas and plumbing needs.  Our company has grown on the reputation of our engineers and positive customer feedback.

We understand that your home is the most valuable asset to you and can assure you that you will not be disappointed with the level of service you will receive.

When it comes to your home, be smart with who you choose, be Boiler-Smart.  

​Boiler-Smart Principles: What we can provide our customers

Our customers help us grow and therefore are the most important aspect of Boiler-Smart. All members of the Boiler-Smart team follow 6  basic principles which have been in place since the very first job. 

Principle 1: Treat a home like it was your own. 

At Boiler-Smart we understand that when you let someone into your home, you are trusting that the person will provide the best service and treatment of your home. Our engineers focus on ensuring that your home is left in a clean, presentable manner and will stay on site until you are completely satisfied with the work carried out. 

Principle 2: Keep the customer informed at all stages

Our engineers will guide you through the whole process before they carry out the work and during the work. It is important that you know what is being done to your home.

Principle 3: If the job is going to cost more, inform the customer to be sure 

While conducting a job, if the engineer finds any problems that were not  anticipated they will inform you of the problem and give you ALL the solutions for you to choose how to proceed.

Our engineer will give their expert advice, however you are in control of how the engineer proceeds. 

Principle 4: Don't play with safety 

Our engineers are fully qualified to be conducting work in your home. At Boiler-Smart we take safety very seriously and would never compromise our customers safety. You can check our engineers Gas safe number and picture on the official GAS SAFE web site. 

Principle 5: Don't use jargon, use words

Professional tradesmen often use industry words, at Boiler-Smart we understand that although our engineers know the industry words - you may not. Boiler-Smart engineers explain the job, prices, risks, obstructions, expectations in plain English. With a Boiler-Smart engineer you will never feel as if you are not sure of what parts, service or work is being undertaken. 

Principle 6:  A job well done is a potential future job 

At Boiler- Smart we aim to ensure that customers feel that they made a smart choice choosing us, and that you would recommend  us to your friends and family.  Have a high expectation - and at Boiler-Smart we will meet your expectation. 



By following the 6 Boiler-Smart principles our vision of providing reliable affordable gas and boiler work to the domestic market is accomplished.